I am a photographer based in the beautiful Temecula Valley in Southern California. Although the primary target of my lens is high school seniors, families, sporting events and weddings, I enjoy photographing anything around me that I find interesting, or beautiful.

I studied graphic design, illustration and photography in college, and have been involved in digital image enhancement in one form or another since 1987 (Yikes!) Back then, I was an aspiring cartoonist while I was being trained on a high-end color drum scanner at Quad Graphics, a large commercial printer. The transparency evaluation I went through on every scan gave me a new appreciation for photography. I had my first taste of digital studio photography in 1990, right around the same time I discovered a new program called Adobe Photoshop V1.0. I have improved digital images for hundreds of national magazines and catalogs over the years.

I love digital photography. Or should I say, I love photography. I think we have gotten to the point where the "digital" is assumed. Of course there are still plenty of film purists out there. But film has really turned into a craft, if you can still find film. I love the magic that can happen when you mix a few million neatly organized pixels with software like Photoshop or Painter. The possibilities to create breathtaking works of art are endless. Of course, conversely the opportunities to ruin a perfectly good photo with these tools are just as endless.

Certainly, you don't always need Photoshop or even an expensive camera to capture a great photo. Like many things in life, provocative, interesting photography is more about being at the right place at the right time. My iPhone with it's arsenal of image editing applications can often be the only tools I have with me. But this can deliver some great results when a photo presents itself.

Photography is all about capturing moments. It's about telling stories. I really enjoy working with people to give them photos that exceed their expectations. Images that capture the moments in life they want to come back to again and again...

Contact me at [email protected] to discuss your moments.